For the Democratic Nomination for Senate: Mickey Kaus

The differences between Democratic Senate primary contenders Robert “Mickey” Kaus and incumbent Barbara Boxer could not be more marked. Kaus, a self-described “neoliberal,” parts with Democrats on a number of notable issues, from being opposed to a blind amnesty for illegal immigrants to teacher hiring practice at public schools. However, his low-budget website would fit right into the early ’90’s, and pales in comparison to Boxer’s.

A California native and Harvard graduate, Kaus is most famous for his role as a political journalist and blogger, Kaus has an impressive record of dissenting from his party and demonstrates a rational approach to problem solving. For instance, in a 1983 Harper’s article, he blames “inefficient union practices–including the proliferation of work rules and bureaucratic job classifications”. Furthermore, he advocated vigorously for welfare reform, to end the “welfare state as we know it.”

Boxer has disappointed California voters consistently, not only by advocating for issues that hurt constituents (see the California dust bowl water shortage), but also by her embarrassing antics (she insisted publically that a General call her “Senator” instead of “ma’am”, despite the fact that the Army training manual allows for both terms).

For these reasons, we support Mickey Kaus – though his chances of victory are admittedly slim, (he has recently stated that he does not expect to win, but to raise issues), voters would be well informed to choose Kaus over Boxer in the California Democratic Senate primary.

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