Fraiche not accepting meal points

So it’s come as a surprise this quarter that the on-campusyogurt shop Fraiche no longer accepts meal points, which means that students actually have to dish out their own money (rather than using their parents’ money from their meal plans) to purchase their treats. Students are understandably a bit miffedbecause who wants to spend $7 on a yogurt (which is about the cost of a medium yogurt with toppings)? Speaking as a frozen yogurt connesieur (I’ve worked at a fro-yo shop for three summers), Fraiche yogurt is mediocre and attracts students more for its “coolness” value than for its quality. Students could get comparable quality tart yogurt from the Axe and Palm and a greater variety of flavors from the dining halls. Lagunita has recently had Pistachio, Green Tea, Banana, Strawberry, Rasperry, Blueberry, Orange, Cookies N’ Cream, Vanilla, and Chocolate. And at the dining halls, it’s free with any meal (you could probably sneak some out without purchasing a meal). The only real “specialty” that Fraiche serves is their chocolate soy frozen yogurt, which understandably appeals to those lactose intolerant and vegan.

I think many students are going to wise up this quarter and stop visiting Fraiche (or at least not visit as frequently). Undoubtedly, they’ve probably already seen a decline in sales.  If students want to treat themselves to a non-Stanford Dining snack, Jamba Juice would be cheaper. I have to wonder whether Fraiche will survive on this campus, but then again, at Stanford, there are enough yuppies who are willing to overpay for the coolness factor of a mediocre product.

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