Google’s Summer of Code Program Now Accepting Applications

Google is continuing with its much celebrated Summer of Code program this year that offers students from around the world a stipend over the Summer to work on coding projects. The program provides students with a pre-screened range of open source software projects to choose from, with 180 participating partner organizations for the summer of 2012.

Applications for the program are now open, and end on April 6th at 19:00 UTC.

The program that began in 2005 has connected over 5000 students with more than 3000 mentors from technology organizations, ‘all for the love of code’ as the search giant puts it, working with projects from around 100 countries ranging from the GNU Project and Joomla platform, to mobile development for MIT’s Media Lab.

Details about the program, application process and projects for this year are available at the Summer of Code website.

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