Here Comes Condi

Tomorrow, Condoleezza Rice’s new memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People, will be released. Media outlets around the country will be unrolling the red carpet for the former secretary of state as she begins touring to promote the book (apparently she’ll be on the Today Show tomorrow morning).

But before Condi hit morning talk shows and interviewed with major national newspapers, she spoke with T*he Stanford Review*. Former EIC Tim Ford and I had the chance to sit down with her for 30 minutes in her Hoover Institution office to hear about her childhood in Birmingham, Alabama, her serendipitous route into international politics, and her early years at Stanford. Check it out here. The interview was filled with fascinating stories, but one of my favorite moments was:

After her eight long years in the White House, Rice described herself as “ready to leave.” When asked by friends about how long it took her to “decompress,” she recalled responding, “Well, President Obama said ‘I do solemnly swear,’ and I was done.”

Stay tuned below the jump for a USA Today video interview in which she reveals her affinity for gasp Led Zeppelin and brags about her successful prediction of last year’s Super Bowl (who dat?).

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