Hoover Class List 2019-2020

Hoover Class List 2019-2020

In a country where most accuse college campuses of being “liberal bubbles,” Stanford is blessed by the presence of the Hoover Institution, which provides access to some of the brightest conservative minds in the nation.

The ability to take classes with such professors is truly a privilege; after all, it has not always been the case that Hoover fellows could hold joint appointments with Stanford. Unfortunately, up until now, there was no list of the classes taught by these fellows. The Review has taken the liberty of searching Stanford’s catalogue, and coming up with a truly comprehensive list.

Recently, Stanford’s relationship with Hoover has come under fire, both from the faculty and student body, in a thinly-disguised partisan attempt to silence political dissent. Although Stanford plans to continue its relationship with the institution, such efforts drive home even more poignantly the importance of taking advantage of these classes: on most campuses, such voices have won out. Whether you yourself are a conservative or not, you can benefit from the expertise of these scholars, and from understanding perspectives which about half of the country holds, yet are completely unrepresented on most college campuses.

Undergraduate Classes:

  • BIOE 122: Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Response (EMED 122, EMED 222, PUBLPOL 122, PUBLPOL 222) (Rice, Condoleeza)
  • CS 152: Trust and Safety Engineering (Stamos, Alex)
  • EASTASN 94: The Rise of China in World Affairs (EASTASN 294) (Miller, Alice)
  • EASTASN 97: The International Relations of Asia since World War II (EASTASN 297) (Miller, Alice)
  • EASTASN 162: Seminar on the Evolution of the Modern Chinese State, 1550-Present (EASTASN 262) (Miller, Alice)
  • ECON 1: Principles of Economics (Taylor, John)
  • ECON 11N: Understanding the Welfare System (Macurdy, Thomas)
  • ECON 23N: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (Boskin, Michael)
  • ECON 43: Introduction to Financial Decision-Making (Boskin, Michael and Shoven, John)
  • ECON 146: Economics of Education (Hoxby, Caroline)
  • ESF 1: Education as Self-Fashioning: The Active, Inquiring, Beautiful Life (Hoxby, Caroline)
  • HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: View from the Hoover Archives (Naimark, Norman)
  • HISTORY 50C: The United States in the Twentieth Century (AFRICAAM 50C) (Burns, Jennifer)
  • HISTORY 102: History of the International System since 1914 (INTNLREL 102) (Naimark, Norman)
  • HISTORY 153: Creation of the Constitution (McConnel, Michael)
  • HISTORY 201C: The U.S., U.N. Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian War (INTNLREL 140C) (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • HISTORY 202S: The History of Genocide (HISTORY 402D, JEWISHST 282S, JEWISHST 482D) (Naimark, Norman)
  • HISTORY 224C: Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention (HISTORY 324C, JEWISHST 284C, JEWISHST 384C, PEDS 224) (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • HISTORY 226E: Famine in the Modern World (HISTORY 326E, PEDS 226) (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • INTLPOL 268: Hack Lab (Stamos, Alex)
  • INTNLREL 60Q: United Nations Peacekeeping (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • POLISCI 1: The Science of Politics (Grimmer, Justin, and Rodden, Jonathan)
  • POLISCI 20N: The American Electorate in the Trump Era (Fiorina, Morris)
  • POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations (Krasner, Stephen)
  • POLISCI 114D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (INTLPOL 230, INTNLREL 114D, POLISCI 314D) (feat. guest lecturers Diamond, Larry and McFaul, Michael)
  • POLISCI 118P: U.S. Relations with Iran (Milani, Abbas)
  • POLISCI 120B: COMM 162: Campaigns, Voting, Media, and Elections (COMM 162, COMM 262) (Iyengar, Shanto)
  • POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West (Milani, Abbas)
  • POLISCI 220R: The Presidency (POLISCI 320R) (Moe, Terry)
  • POLISCI 241S: Spatial Approaches to Social Science (ANTHRO 130D, ANTHRO 230D, URBANST 124) (Rodden, Jonathan)
  • POLISCI 242: Foreign Policy Decision Making in Comparative Perspective (INTLPOL 232, POLISCI 342) (McFaul, Michael)
  • POLISCI 245R: Politics in Modern Iran (Milani, Abbas)
  • PUBLPOL 100: Hoover Institution National Security Affairs Fellows Mentorship Program (Zegart, Amy)
  • PUBLPOL 132: The Politics of Policy Making (PUBLPOL 232) (Chen, Lanhee)
  • THINK 51: The Spirit of Democracy (Diamond, Larry)
  • Graduate Classes:
  • ECON 241: Public Economics I (Hoxby, Caroline)
  • ECON 242: Public Economics II (Diamond, Rebecca)
  • ECON 272: Intermediate Econometrics III (Macurdy, Thomas)
  • ECON 310: Macroeconomic Workshop (Hall, Robert and Taylor, John)
  • ECON 341: Public Economics and Environmental Economics Seminar (Boskin, Michae and Shoven, Michaell)
  • ECON 345: Labor Economics Seminar, ECON 370: Econometrics Workshop (Macurdy, Thomas)
  • EDUC 365: Social, Emotional, and Personality Development (Damon, William)
  • EDUC 379: Moral, Civic, and Environmental Education (Damon, William)
  • INTLPOL 321: Fundamentals of Cyber Policy and Security (Grotto, Andrew)
  • POLISCI 344: Politics and Geography (Rodden, Jonathan)
  • POLISCI 420C: Discovery in American Politics (Grimmer, Justin)
  • POLISCI 440B: Comparative Political Economy (Haber, Stephen)
  • POLISCI 450C: Political Methodology III: Model-Based Inference (Grimmer, Justin)
  • PUBLPOL 231: Health Law: Finance and Insurance (HRP 391) (Bundorf, M. Kate and Kessler, David)
  • PUBLPOL 308: Political Analysis for Public Policymakers (Chen, Lanhee)

Law Classes:

  • LAW 1011: Advanced Corporate Finance (Hodrick, Laurie)
  • LAW 1028: Tax Policy (Kessler, David)
  • LAW 1037: The Evolution of Finance (Warsh, Kevin)
  • LAW 3001: Health Law: Finance and Insurance (Kessler, David)
  • LAW 4049: Hack Lab (Stamos, Alex)
  • LAW 7017: Creation of the Constitution (McConnel, Michael)
  • LAW 7062: Originalism (McConnel, Michael)

GSB Classes:

  • FINANCE 207: Corporations, Finance, and Governance in the Global Economy (Rau, Joshua and Seru, Amit)
  • FINANCE 320: Debt Markets (Duffie, Darrell)
  • FINANCE 377: China's Financial System (Duffie, Darrell)
  • FINANCE 622: Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory (Duffie, Darrell)
  • FINANCE 630: Empirical Corporate Finance (Seru, Amit)
  • FINANCE 633: Advanced Empirical Corporate, Banking and Household Finance (Seru, Amit)
  • MGTECON 331: Health Law: Finance and Insurance (Kessler, David)
  • MGTECON 383: Measuring Impact in Business and Social Enterprise (Broockman, David)
  • MGTECON 618: Social Insurance and Urban Economics (Diamond, Rebecca)
  • MGTECON 652: Personnel Economics (Lazear, Edward)
  • MGTECON 343: The Evolution of Finance (Warsh, Kevin)
  • Medical School Classes:
  • HRP 201B: Health Policy Graduate Student Tutorial II (MED 215B) ( Bundorf, M. Kate)
  • HRP 243: Health Policy Seminar: Population Health (Bundorf, M. Kate)
  • HRP 257: Advanced Topics in the Economics of Health and Medical Care (MED 265) (Bundorf, M. Kate)
  • HRP 391: Health Law: Finance and Insurance (PUBLPOL 231) (Bundorf, M. Kate and Kessler, David)
  • PEDS 223: Human Rights and Global Health (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • PEDS 225: Humanitarian Aid and Politics (Patenaude, Bertrand)
  • PEDS 226: Famine in the Modern World (HISTORY 226E, HISTORY 326E) (Patenaude, Bertrand)
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