BREAKING: Jacked, Rich Neuroscientist Proves Popular with Women

BREAKING: Jacked, Rich Neuroscientist Proves Popular with Women

On March 25th, New York Magazine published an unflattering article targeting Stanford professor, prominent neuroscientist, and podcaster Andrew Huberman. The author of the piece, Kerry Howley, criticized Huberman for various character deficiencies, most of which fell into two categories: personal flakiness and sexual promiscuity.

Howley interviewed several of Huberman’s ex-lovers to portray Andrew Huberman as a liar and serial womanizer. Even assuming all of their stories are true, the article is far from a devastating takedown and is irrelevant to Huberman’s career and research at Stanford. The man is a neuroscientist and professor, not a relationship expert. His popular podcast is about self-improvement, not dating. He tells people to go outside, get some sleep, eat healthy, and drink less. Not much controversy to be found there, and having multiple consensual partners is not exactly breaking news, especially when the philanderer in question is famous, intelligent, physically fit, and—let’s face it—quite attractive.

But Huberman, who recently came to believe in God, holds controversial views despite his disinterest in politics. To those on the left, his endorsement of a traditional, masculine lifestyle is a threat. Although he stays away from social issues, Huberman is hugely popular among listeners of such provocateurs as Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Daily Wire hosts. These divisive figures have clearly tainted Huberman’s image in the eyes of mass media and the general public. He is seen as a “gateway drug” into the dangerous beliefs of the political right.

Howley’s attempt to cancel Huberman for his many girlfriends is, therefore, a journalistic hit job. The article explains that one of his girlfriends, “Sarah,” discovered Huberman’s rageful personality when he allegedly yelled at her for “two to three days” in a row. In 2021, she discovered journal entries in his diary that referenced instances of cheating, yet she began the IVF process with him that same year. Huberman should not be lying to his girlfriends, but any woman would be wise not to attempt pregnancy with an unfaithful and rageful boyfriend.

The hypocrisy of New York Magazine is the most ironic part of the story. Just this past January, the publication featured “A Practical Guide to Modern Polyamory” on its front page. The media is mostly enamored with polyamorous relationships, but when it comes to conservative-adjacent Huberman, he is vilified for dating multiple women. Having numerous sexual partners is an unfortunate commonality among influencers, celebrities, and politicians; Huberman is far from unique.

There is a “#DaddyHuberman” trend on TikTok dedicated to Huberman’s sex appeal, so do not be shocked that he can juggle multiple girlfriends. As one astute X user said, “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the never-married 48 y/o man with a six-pack you’re talking to is not looking for a wife.” Howley’s article might affect his romantic life, but it would be a mistake to let it cancel his career.

When, on occasion, Huberman has spoken with a behavioral psychologist or Joe Rogan about romantic relationships, he does not promote himself as a relationship expert to emulate. Perhaps Huberman is not as flawless as he sounds on his podcast. Perhaps he keeps some personal demons to himself, and off of the internet. Does this make him evil and worthy of intense scorn? Or simply human?

Altogether, Howley has attempted to vilify Huberman because he lied to his girlfriends, flaked on a journalist a couple of times, and inquired about the dark triad. Her article is a pathetic attempt to cancel Professor Huberman at face value, but it also highlights the hypocrisy of the media and their hatred of right-leaning viewpoints. Even if Howley’s story is entirely accurate, the content is irrelevant gossip masquerading as news. It is clickbait trying to take down a happy, successful man for flirting with too many people. Cancel culture has struck once again to make a big to-do out of nothing.

#DaddyHuberman will be fine. Women will still be lining up to go out with him well after the latest issue of New York Magazine leaves the checkout lane. Howley, on the other hand, needs to follow her subject’s advice and spend more time outside.

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