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*Don’t have time to read through the entirety of Issue 5 of the Stanford Review? Well, that’s not a good excuse, but because we want you to still get the best of the issue, here are the articles you cannot miss!*

Healthcare | John Leganski ’13 discusses the effects of the health care reform bill on Stanford Cardinal Care that will eventually take place.

ROTC | As the ROTC debate gets more heated, *Kyle O’Malley ’13 *and Evan Storms ’13 join the discussion.

CFS | Thought buying a *Charity *Fashion Show ticket last year would benefit charity? If you did, you were wrong — *Alex Katz ’12 *explains why.

**Four Loko **| Kyle Huwa ’13 and Robert Burns ’14track the growth of the popular fusion energy-alcoholic drink and its potential demise.

*Now go read the entire issue! *

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