Is this Stanford’s Dark Horse NFL Draft Prospect?

Watch out world, the Cardinal have one more trick up their sleeve yet! At 5’4’’ and 120 lbs, Adam Adler has declared for the NFL draft this year. While this means Adam has to forgo his four years of NCAA eligibility, the senior, member of LSJUMB, and editor of the Stanford Flipside, believes that it was worth it.

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Meet Adam Adler, Stanford's unorthodox NFL candidate.
When asked what makes him feel so confident about his chances, Adam defiantly remarks that he has never run a failed play, never thrown an interception, been sacked, or really, had any negative play experiences at all. As a die-hard Cardinal fan, and musician on the band, Adam has not only been at every game, but claims to have run the entire length of Stanford stadium several times.

Adam is also fairly convinced that he has the ability to play in pretty much any field position. With a superior understanding of how every player should conduct himself, and knowledge of when to “run” and “duck,” he believes that he can do a good job regardless of where he is placed.

According to Adam, regardless of how incredible players like Andrew Luck may be, everyone has the tendency to burn out. Other Stanford candidates have had 3 to 5 years of intense play-time under their belt, which also increases their risk of burning out and peaking early, leaving the rest of their career to suffer. However, as someone who has never played before, Adam would be a fresh investment for any NFL team.

Choosing to join the NFL draft significantly changes Adam’s life plans, but he tells the *Review *that he has tremendous support from friends, family, and community back at home. During his senior year at Stanford, Adam is also working on an honors thesis under the Ethics in Society program, entitled “The Ethics of Satire.” However, when charged with the query whether his decision to join the NFL draft has any relation to his thesis, his response is one of incredulity and denial.

Finally, I asked Adam how he would motivate his team. The situation- 3rd quarter, 3rd and 4, with four minutes left on the clock, while his team is down by 21 points. After spending the allocated 30 seconds to come up with a pep-talk, he responded with: “People think Napoleon lost his Russian campaign because of poor planning in the winter. In fact this wasn’t true. The truth is, he had tin on his buttons. The tin underwent an allotropic transformation, and disintegrated. His troops went into battle, pulling their pants up with one hand and their guns in the other. We’re gonna go for this 3rd and down, we’re gonna get this touchdown, do an on-side kick, we’re gonna recover the on-side kick, and we’re gonna score again, and again, until we win this game!”

We wish Adam Adler the very best, both for his thesis, and his attempts to make it as a professional football player. His prediction: at least a sixth round pick. Ours? The Oakland Raiders!

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