John Yoo’s "Secret" Class

![John Yoo]( "John Yoo")
John Yoo
[John Yoo](, professor at University of California Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, is [hiding](

Yoo has been a professor at Boalt Hall since 1993, and served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General under George W. Bush. He is best known for his “torture memos” during the Bush presidency, wherein he defended the legality of torture in many situations, and supported unwarranted wire tapping.

This spring semester, Yoo is teaching a California Constitution course at Boalt Hall. The location of said course, however, is being kept a secret (it is not included on any time-schedules or course bulletins). The fear, on Boalt Hall’s part, is that demonstrators and anti-Yoo activists (such as those from the demurely named Fire John Yoo! group) will protest Yoo’s class and disrupt any learning that is going on.

The Daily Californian published an editorial today supporting the University’s decision to keep Yoo’s class a secret by citing the right of students to learn in peace (…Yoo’s version of peace, at least).

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