Jordan Williamson Solidarity Post-Fiesta Bowl

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Jordan Williamson after his performance at the Fiesta Bowl
This week novice journalist and Stanford student Sam Fisher ’14 was published in the popular sports site BroBible, coming out in support of his fellow sophomore Jordan Williamson. Williamson, a kicker on the Stanford football team, has received a lot of criticism after he failed to make three field goals, which many claim lost Stanford the Fiesta Bowl. Fisher, a friend of Williamson, entitled his piece, “Why I’m Not Mad at Jordan Williamson.” Here is an excerpt from part of the piece, which garnered attention in and out of the Stanford community:

“How can I be mad at Jordan Williamson? He didn’t miss curfew. He didn’t mess around during practices or workouts. He didn’t cheat or slack off in class. And he certainly didn’t ever make a decision to hurt any of his friends. He missed three field goals, one of which would’ve won the Fiesta Bowl. We were disappointed; he is devastated.”

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