Letter: Heartened by ROTC Support

We, the undersigned were greatly heartened by your recent editorial support of on-campus ROTC classes.  As alumni of the MBA class of ’54 who proudly and emphatically support ROTC, we can attest to the significant positive contribution that ROTC and similar programs made to our subsequent (non-military) business and professional careers, and are certain that other alums can do so as well.
Acceptance of the Air Force ROTC offer of a funded and staffed program that provides discipline and leadership training plus significant tuition support to students should be a “no-brainer” for the Faculty Senate, and sooner rather than later!
Robert Edwards, Class President, Phoenix, AZ
Joseph (“Trader Joe”) Coulombe, Pasadena
Scott Bushey, Sarasota, FL
Bill Sterling, Georgetown, TX
Neil Torrence, Banning, CA
Denis Wong, Honolulu
Dick Undeland, Arlington, VA

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