"Like Kindergarten, minus the swing set"

This morning, the Stanford Daily posted an update on the Wellness Room in Old Union. The confusing and essentially pointless room is – shock! – not drawing many students.

Maybe if Dorsey and Harris had listened to Review staff writer and ASSU Senator Alex Katz back in March, they could have avoided the whole mess. Alex saw through the Room from the beginning:

The room itself, however, is nothing but a token gesture that does little to resolve the actual problem. ASSU Mental Health Chair Angelina Cardona described it as a “relaxing, chill place” with “Jack Johnson-style music, a good aroma, and positive decorations on the walls.” The room features bean bags, collages, fountains, interesting light fixtures, board games, paint sets, musical instruments and cookies. It’s like kindergarten minus the outside swing set. But the very idea that a children’s play space can eliminate serious issues of depression or abuse is absurd.

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Regarding Moonbeans

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