Looking to get your economics on?

If you’re like some people I know and looking to add some more material to your daily reading list, check out the Top 25 Economics Blogs.   The Wall Street Journal scoured the blogosphere to find the best economics blogs out there, including five honorable mentions.

Among the top 25 rank blogs by two Hoover fellows: Nobel laureate Gary S. Becker with his Becker-Posner Blog and David R. Henderson with EconLog.

So how do they stack up?

Becker-Posner scores 4 out of 5 “light bulbs” for originality, although with a high geekiness score of 4 out of 5 “calculators” and a low readability score of 2 out of 5 “reading glasses.”

EconLog lands 3 “light bulbs” for originality, 3 “calculators” for geekiness, and 4 “reading glasses” for readability.

Also worth mentioning from the list is one of my favorite blogs, Keith Hennessey, which earned the same scores as EconLog.   Hennessey uses his perspectives from the inside as the former head of the National Economic Council under President Bush (not to mention he’s a friend of the Stanford-in-Washington program, where he has spoken on occasion).

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