Moonbeans, Part II

As Daniel mentions below, the venerable Stanford institution of Moonbeans is (possibly) shutting down. Here is the text of the email that is spreading the word to students all across campus:

Dear Stanford community,

We learned something very disturbing this evening. In six weeks, Moonbean’s will be shutting down because its lease is not being renewed. Instead, Coupa Cafe will take over this location between Green and Meyer libraries. This is outrageous because not only is Moonbean’s a popular, beloved coffee destination on campus, but also because Coupa already has a location on campus in Y2E2 and in nearby downtown Palo Alto. Furthermore, Coupa has only recently been introduced to campus, whereas Moonbean’s has contributed to the Stanford community for eleven years. This news might not even be officially announced to students until after Moonbean’s is forced to close. Another email will follow with a petition to show student support for Moonbean’s in hopes of keeping it on campus, whether in its original location or elsewhere.

Please forward this e-mail widely.

Moonbean’s Aficionados

This, however, is suspiciously similar to a rumor that spread almost exactly a year ago. Forunately, the rumor proved false.

Is it finally coming true, a year later?

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