My Top 3 Election Flyers

In case you hadn’t noticed, the past few weeks have seen dormitories, bathrooms, dining halls, basketball hoops, and other authorized areas everywhere around Stanford being bombarded by candidate flyers. And although certain flyering efforts have had less than desirable effects (with regards to the walls on which they were posted), there have actually been a few pieces of paper that brightened my day. Here are my top three flyers of the 2010 elections season:

Number 3: Bennett Siegel ‘13

I think we can agree that Mr. Siegel owes his parents a big thank you on this one. Inevitable, this elections season had its fair share of subpar name-related puns (i.e. “Ooey Gooey Bui!”). However, the rhyming of “Bennett” with “Senate,” was flawless. The real test will come if Bennett ever chooses to run for ASSU Exec…

"Bennett for Senate" Flyer, feat. the fan-favorite John Belushi, as "Bluto" from Animal House
**Number 2**: Showly Wang ‘13

Looking at Senate candidate Showly Wang’s campaign page on facebook, a certain development in mantras is apparent. What started as “Small Girl, Big Agenda” quickly became “BIG AGENDA, BIG WANG.” While such an innuendo may have been too risqué for high-school government elections (some might still deem it inappropriate), one has to admit that Wang’s flyer—mantra and all—works to grab an individual’s attention. And hey, that’s more than most flyers can say.

Showly Wang's Senate campaign flyer
**Number 1**: Dan Thompson ‘13

Holding down the number one spot, Dan Thompson’s flyer for Senate really speaks for itself. In my opinion, it perfectly toes the line between confident and cocky, a task easier said than done. And while it does call into question the candidate’s own knowledge of the ASSU in doing so, I’m willing to give the flyer a pass in return for it making me laugh.

Dan Thompson's Senate campaign flyer
As elections come to a close, these and other flyers will ultimately fade away, allowing the plain white walls of my freshman dorm to reign supreme once again. But until then, I hope you will enjoy the flyers, and not hesitate to let me know if I missed any good ones. God Bless.

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