No, Vietnamese Republicans Aren't "Misled and Misinformed"

No, Vietnamese Republicans Aren't "Misled and Misinformed"

On the contrary, the author of a recent Daily op-ed is. She writes that Vietnamese Americans, many of whom support the Republican Party, do so because they don’t know any better: “Many Vietnamese voters are not armed with a picture full enough to support a candidate who will actually work in their best interests, as well of those of the country as a whole.”

This is a sad and condescending assertion in a sad and condescending piece. Let’s correct the record.

Vietnamese Americans, like their Cuban American compatriots, know the truth about the dangers of putting the far left in power, more than most. What starts as “Democratic Socialism” often ends in repression, violence, and tragedy, leaving millions of refugees, who may turn to America.

So, when one party in the U.S. dives head-on into socialist rhetoric, romanticizes the Soviet Union, and promotes blacklists of political enemies, do you really expect Americans who fled Communist countries like Vietnam to vote for them without any questions?

Refugee groups in the U.S. vote for both parties, and that’s okay. The idea that they would all be Democrats if not for “misinformation” is ridiculous. Democrats may express a theoretical support for refugees, but Republicans have won support from many Vietnamese Americans because they have enacted policies of personal and economic freedom, and stood up to China.

When the author maligns “the spread of misinformation,” what she means is “inconvenient facts about Democrats.” When she says “it is important to encourage a greater sense of awareness” among Vietnamese Americans, what she means is “a greater sense of loyalty to Democrats.”

The lengthy piece goes on several bizarre tangents: the emoluments clause, calls for internet censorship, Mar-a-Lago, and excuses for why Sen. Joe Biden didn’t vote for Vietnam refugee aid in 1975 (“difficulty commuting” 90 minutes from Delaware to D.C., apparently...).

But in over 1300 words, not a single reason why Vietnamese Americans should actually vote for Democrats. That omission speaks for itself.

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