NomCom nominations reconsidered due to diversity

According to the Daily, ASSU Vice President Jay de la Torre wants to reconsider the nominations to University committees because  “diversity was not given adequate consideration in the selection process.” This reconsideration will in all likelihood lead to the removal of at least one student from the Board on Judicial Affairs. As selected, the Judicial Affairs Board is comprised of five males and one female. But other committees are even less balanced. For example, the Greek Housing Committee is all female, namely because only females applied. Similarly, the Dining Committee is all male. The case de la Torre makes for a reconsideration is that committees need to reflect the demographics of the student body. The question is whether gender matters in arbitrating and determining  issues that the various committees face. Are females on the Judicial Affairs Board going to be more sympathetic to females and males to males? If so, then perhaps the nominations should be reconsidered. But one would hope that the students selected for the Judicial Affairs Board are mature and impartial enough to disregard gender. If they’re not, then NomCom did a lousy job with their selections.

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