Editor’s Note: Only Error Will Shrink from Inquiry

Dear reader,

Just recently, the Stanford Review celebrated its 25th anniversary! It was a celebration of excellence in journalism, and a pioneering spirit in safeguarding the ideals of freedom and first principles at Stanford University. It was a delight to reflect upon the many years of investigative news for which the Review is so widely read, but the occasion lent itself to much reflection of our niche on this college campus.

Since its founding in 1987, the Stanford Review has gone through many phases of intellectual and organizational development. From a small paper started by a group of friends, we had quickly evolved into one of the major sources of news at Stanford, and placed ourselves amongst the most respected platforms for student opinion. Today, we strive not only to fill the shoes of Reviewers past, but to go beyond and capitalize on the multitude of opportunities available to a journalistic organization.

Over the course of Volume XLVIII, you can expect to find articles that delineate what we do best: investigate, uncover injustices, report on news that matters to the Stanford community, and uphold the fundamental principles of libertarianism and conservatism in our Opinions section. But I assure you, the Stanford Review offers even more. This is an ideal time for you to keep an eye on our blog, Fiat Lux, which is more than your ordinary news outlet. We are constantly doing our best to provide new features that showcase the vibrant community we have at Stanford.

Our philosophy at the Review has never been to pander to popular ideology. We recognize that even within the workings of a liberal education, there is sufficient room for a breach of individual liberty. Over the last 25 years, the Review had spoken out against many such injustices. From the limits on free speech, to the unfairness of asking our students in ROTC to seek their training elsewhere, the Stanford Review has been at the vanguard of exposing conflict in those issues that matter the most in shaping us as a community. In the next few months, and beyond, we will continue to aggressively break down any asymmetry in information, and provide you with the right knowledge of events in your surroundings.

As a relatively young paper, we have always embraced a progressive mindset when it comes to evaluating how to best present our material to you. A quick visit to our website will show you how we are continuously trying to improve ourselves as an organization that does not fall behind in these times of fast-paced technological progress. We encourage you to read our blog, visit the website, and pick up a print issue at any of the various locations on campus. As a student organization, we understand exactly how students would like to get informed, and we promise to deliver.

As a final thought, I must add that the Stanford Review has always been a community, rather than simply an organization. We are truly passionate about our cause, and enjoy one another’s company in putting together a newspaper that Stanford has enjoyed for a quarter of a century. It was incredibly exciting to be with the Review through its 25th birthday, and a true honor to take it into the next 25 years, and more!

Fiat Lux!

Nadiv Rahman ’13


*Please feel free to send me comments, questions, and suggestions at nadivr@stanford.edu. Your input is always valuable to us. *

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