Over 2,100 Votes Cast So Far

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An email from Elections Commissioner Quinn Slack at 12:30pm indicated that 2,121 ballots have been cast online so far

(note: there will also be paper ballots this year, so we won’t know full voting totals until Saturday).

Based on last year’s vote total of 5,624 (includes both grad and undergrad), that would mean that already nearly 40% of the vote has come in. That said, turnout may be even higher this year for a number of reasons:

  • Emergence of 3 significant Senate coalitions that will drive voting across class years.
  • A competitive grad slate for the first time in many years could significantly boost grad turnout.
  • Med School voting will be up, as reported here by the Review.
  • The election has been far better publicized this year, as a result of a hard-working elections commission (see our interview with them here).

Also of note, EC Slack cited some statistics about early voting:

50 ballots cast in the first 25 minutes…and like 150 cast in the next 3 minutes!

Voting continues at ballot.stanford.edu until 11:59pm on Friday (tomorrow). So get out and vote!

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