Palin Can’t Get No SOTUsfaction

More post-SOTU coverage. Last night, Hannity asked Palin if she saw Justice Alito shake his head and mouth “not true” as he listened to Obama’s critique of the recent Supreme Court decision on political spending by corporations. Did Sarah see it? Oh, Sarah saw it. (Warning: Severe punctuation drought in her statement. Also, I should warn you about this new hair style of hers. Anyway..) :

I saw it Sean, I tell ya, this is why people are  disenchanted and becoming more and more disengaged really from what their government is doing because when we see an issue like this, words spoken that may not be true, coming from our president, and embarrassing our Supreme Court and not respecting the separation of powers, we have a problem and that’s illustrated there by that justice there mouthing those words, ‘not true.’ Now one or the other is being disingenuous here, either our president in what he just claimed or the Supreme Court justice…

I’m sorry: Obama is embarrassing himself and “that justice there” by criticizing a decision the Court made? And this shows disrespect for the separation of powers? Alito was no Joe Wilson, but I thought it was Alito who was, at most, a tad rude and uncontrolled for being unable to reign in his emotions during the speech. Or was Alito just respecting the “separation of powers,” or was he being “disingenuous? I’m confused.

Also, Gov. Palin would like us to know that Obama was a pointless lecturer, and, surprise!, she thought Gov. McDonnell did awesomely!

I guess at least she didn’t say this.

Free yourself of Palin commentary, and make sure to scroll down and read the SOTU commentary from our far, far superior pundit, Erin Dexter.

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