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The quarter ends today, as of 6:30, but I’m going to jump on this a little early. I just wanted to take the moment to thank all our contributors, and you our readers for a terrific quarter. With over 115,000 page views this quarter, a number over 100% versus the fall, this quarter was a resounding success. As for what’s coming up next, continue to check us every day. We had a new post every single day of this quarter and there’s no reason to expect we’ll slow down. The Day in Review will continue to aggregate news, and our contributing writers will provide their takes on the issues affecting Stanford students. Thanks again for reading.

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3-18-2010 The Day in Review

[![]( "michael-oren-1-21")]( Israeli Ambassador

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Rice Admits Regret in One Area of Iraq War

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently admitted that she regrets the Bush Administration’s strategy in rebuilding Iraq after the war. Rice, who is

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