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At the Review we strive for independent and rigorous thinking. Part of developing this mindset is viewing thought-provoking content and having critical discussions.
Here’s some of what we’ve been reading lately.

Irresponsible education

Thomas Sowell criticizes uncritical education mired in dogma. In doing so, he raises interesting points about subjects such as slavery and poverty. But most of importantly, Sowell reminds us the fortune —regardless of minority group status or socioeconomic class —of having American Citizenship.

In Conversation with Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen is mostly known for his impact in technology. However, in this interview with Kevin Roose, we learn about Andreessen’s thoughts on other subjects such as economics, politics, and  technology’s effects on them. Find out why Andreessen disagrees with Keynsian economics, what his opinion on the Universal Basic Income is, and whether you should move to Rwanda.

When Women Stopped Coding

Narratives influence public perception. This article theorizes how narratives perpetuated by computer companies marketing only to boys correlated with the decrease of women Computer Science majors.

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[] When attempting to justify a military response to ISIS’s spread across the Middle East, Western warhawks

The History of Buying Your Way Into Office
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The History of Buying Your Way Into Office

[![The Federal Election Commission has historically cracked down on election campaign financing.](/content/images/Screen-Shot-2014-11-21-at-1.48.22-PM-1024x1020.png)](/content/images/Screen-Shot-2014-11-21-at-1.48.22-PM.png) The

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