SCR: Event with Scott Atlas

SCR: Event with Scott Atlas

The Stanford College Republicans are excited to announce that we will be hosting Dr. Scott Atlas on Friday, March 5th at 5:30 pm PDT for a special lecture event titled “Science, Politics, and Covid-19: Will Truth Prevail?”

Dr. Atlas is an accomplished health policy expert and physician, having served as a professor of radiology at the Stanford Medical School and the editor of a leading neuroradiology textbook. Dr. Atlas is the current Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and has made significant contributions to healthcare policy. And most recently, Dr. Atlas served as an advisor to President Trump on Coronavirus Policy.

While serving as an advisor to the President, Dr. Atlas made the scientific case to open up our schools and the economy. He has brought necessary attention to the devastating impact that various Coronavirus-related lockdown policies have had on our society’s most vulnerable people: school-age children, low-income individuals, and senior citizens.

At Stanford, Dr. Atlas has faced censure by the faculty senate for voicing his good-faith concerns about lockdown strategy in the U.S. Former colleagues in the medical school have sought to use the university to silence him and his dissenting viewpoint. This is a dangerous trend.

We live in a time where science is readily weaponized for political gain. The impact of political bias has had devastating consequences to the scientific process and community, stifling free speech and debate, interfering with objectivity, and undermining public trust. Come join us and Dr. Atlas to dissect the implications that political bias has for the scientific process and for our nation as a whole.

The Stanford College Republicans are proud to stand on the side of truth and will always work diligently to further dialogue on Stanford’s campus. We are excited to host Dr. Scott Atlas and sincerely hope that you will be able to join us for what will be an incredibly enriching conversation.

If you are interested in attending the live zoom for the event, we urge you to sign up for tickets as soon as possible through this link. Tickets are open to both students and members of the public. As this a virtual event, tickets are unlimited.

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