Senate Endorsement 2010: Jason Lupatkin

**Name two goals that you will have accomplished by the end of your Senate term. **

Although it would be overzealous to make any predictions regarding my possible work as an Undergraduate Senator, the two initiatives whose achievement – or lack thereof – will be directly tied to evaluating success of my term, will be 1. the shrinkage of the size of the Senate and 2. the increase in the visibility and transparency of the body itself.  The major roadblock preventing the Senate from increasing its efficiency is, quite simply, its size, which allows it to evade culpability for its shortcomings and inaction.  In that vein, I propose eliminating two, ideally four, of the Senate seats in order to create a smaller, more accountable, and more cohesive legislature.

Which two current ASSU initiatives or programs would you push to eliminate?

Primarily, I would push to eliminate monetary compensation for ASSU positions.  Members of the Executive branch and the Senate should not be salaried in order to conserve funds and create a spirit of personal duty to the student body that permeates throughout the ASSU.  On a different note, I will also eliminate the Wellness Room in its current form.

The purpose of the Wellness Room has been mischaracterized and misunderstood by the student-body.  As a Senator, I will rebuild the student wellness program, a necessary step if the Senate truly hopes to enhance the quality of life on campus.

Notable Issue Positions:

National and International Issues:

It is decidedly not the province, nor the duty, of the ASSU Senate to pass policy with regard to international issues.  Elected as student-representative to improve life on campus, the fifteen Senators do not, and should not, have the power or legitimacy to represent the varied political perspectives held by our diverse student body.  Put simply, I will only seek and support legislation that is directly related to undergraduate life on The Farm.

Appropriations Policy:

The major existing flaw in Senate Appropriations policy is not its guidelines or regulations; rather, there exists a severe disconnect between members of the Appropriations committee and financial officers of student organization.  Better communication of policy, via a new, simpler website, is necessary to allow student groups to track their finances and follow the actions of the Appropriations Committee.  Once the student body can easily access and understand the ASSU’s financial policy, I am confident support for the committee’s recent work will be recognized as efficient and beneficial to the undergraduate community.

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