Senate Endorsement 2010: Percia Safar

**Name two goals that you will have accomplished by the end of your Senate term. **

The need for ethics reform has been demonstrated by the financial malfeasance of past administrations and the general lack of accountability. I will push to make financial records publicly available on a regular basis and establish stringent guidelines regarding the use of discretionary funds as well as requiring greater documentation.

The funding process is also far from perfect. I will ensure that funding guidelines are readily available online, the Appropriations Committee holds more work shops and office hours to assist financial officers through the process, and precedents are not established without notifying financial officers in advance.

**Which two current ASSU initiatives or programs would you push to eliminate? **

Although well-intentioned, the Wellness Room has failed to sufficiently achieve its intended purpose. Next year’s Senate should ensure that mental health funds are invested in proven resources. Programs like CAPS and The Bridge would benefit greatly from that funding. Given their experienced and thoroughly trained staff, these programs have a higher likelihood of making significant process towards bettering mental health. Also, both time and funding has been poured into viewing parties where free food is given away merely to attract larger crowds. Although fostering community spirit is a commendable goal, our support should be placed behind obstacles that actually need funding.

Notable Issue Positions:

Free Speech:

The Senate needs to work to increase communication with administration regarding issues of free speech. Many students are currently unaware of their rights as citizens and also as students of a private university. While Stanford seeks to protect its unbiased status as a non-profit institution, it has jeopardized both student activism and growth in doing so. Mandating that students only be allowed to practice free speech in White Plaza – and register two weeks in advance at that – imposes an enormous burden on students who wish to spontaneously exercise their rights. These restrictions need to be removed and students’ rights need to be better protected.

Academic Life:

The academic resources available to students are often difficult to find or in many cases non-existent. Students need to have at their disposal evaluations for more professors and classes. Also, required readings should be publicized earlier so books can be purchased more promptly and at a lower cost from the bookstore. Additionally, the Book Exchange should be more advertized to increase the amount of student participation. The advising system as well must be overhauled. Advisors should be held accountable to students and the university by creating a feedback system that brings attention to problems and decreases the likelihood than they are overlooked.

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