Senate Endorsement 2010: Will Seaton

**Name two goals that you will have accomplished by the end of your Senate term. **

If elected, my top priority is increasing communication between the student body and the Senate and guaranteeing that groups and individuals have the opportunity to have their voices heard. First, I will build upon current initiatives to improve the website by adding a Senate Blog that clearly explains the issues being discussed by the ASSU and lowers the barrier of knowledge to get involved. I will also establish a series of Senate Listening Sessions in residence halls. The Senate must put in time to hear the students’ voices. I will have these and many other policies done by the end of my term.

**Which two current ASSU initiatives or programs would you push to eliminate? **

I don’t want to be the one to cut programs or initiatives that help students, but there are places where a reallocation of resources may prove more fruitful. While I stand firmly behind the values of wellness and student happiness, money spent on maintenance of the room may be better allocated to training a series of Wellness Workers to organize health and happiness workshops in campus residences to reach out to the community. Second, the ASSU’s new Match Maker system brings student government too closely involved with the individual’s personal life. The time spent organizing this would be better used elsewhere.

Notable Issue Positions:

Free Speech:

Free speech on a college campus is a must to encourage civic engagement. I will look to reduce the time before an event that groups must reserve a spot in White Plaza to allow for more spontaneous protests. I will work with the Constitutional Council and the Administration on clearly defining a student’s free speech rights in a Free Speech Checklist so that contradiction does not occur. I will work for student political groups to have the right to invite Democratic or Republican politicians to campus without the university thinking it is taking a stand either way.

Academic Life:

The advising system has been reduced to the point where recruitment of faculty to serve as Pre-Major Advisors has become difficult. The Senate should create incentives for faculty to help freshman just arriving. These incentives can take the place of financial rewards based on end of year assessments done by the advisees. The Senate must also encourage the additional training of RAs in GERs, paths of study and knowledge of the curriculum. I want to incorporate aspects of the old HPAC program into RA training. This will allow a student to have a source of information on classes closer to home.

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