Senator-Elect Jensen Will Go To Berlin

As reported in the Daily, Senator-Elect Ben Jensen ran for Undergraduate Senate after signing a Declaration of Intent form that indicated that he would be on campus for the entirety of his term — all this while he was accepting the opportunity to study abroad in Berlin.

Senator-Elect Jensen has now officially declared: “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Well, not literally, but he confirmed before the 11th Undergraduate Senate this evening that he will be studying abroad in Berlin in Fall of 2010 while serving his term in the 12th Undergraduate Senate.

Senator-Elect Jensen has claimed that he intends to appear by Skype at every meeting of the Undergraduate Senate, which would be at 5am in his new time zone. He has also indicated that he was not aware of the fact that he was expected to attend all meetings of committees. However, Senator-Elect Jensen has now indicated that he intends to appear at all required meetings.

Finally, when asked what he will accomplish from Berlin, he stated:

Work on my platform points, work on what the Senate is doing then, and do what I’ve set out to do for the next year.

When asked for more specific comments on what he will work on and accomplish from the Federal Republic of Germany, Senator-Elect Jensen told the 11th Undergraduate Senate:

I’d like not to comment.

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