Smoke Signals Issue 10

SIDEWAYS: Graduation. With another year wrapping up on the Farm, another class sets out to leave the Stanford bubble.  It’s time to get a job and put what we learned to use!

DOWN: Rejuvenation Day. Just in time for finals week, the executive spends their time, energy, and limited resources on meditation, yoga, and bringing your stressful papers to shred. How many new people this brings who don’t already go to events like Wellness Week is unclear.

UP: University Budget. Provost John Etchemendy projects a surplus in the University budget for the next year.  Budget cuts have paid off, and the worst may be over.

DOWN: Issue Awareness. With California’s primaries on Tuesday, the real issues facing students are whether they can get jobs and the mounting debt they will pay later.  Unfortunately, the vast majority still choose to focus on other things.

**DOWN: Oil Spill. **The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gives enviros a real environmental issue with immediate consequences to worry about. President Obama’s approval rate is moving inversely with the size of the “plume,” the newest word in our current events lexicon.

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Casting Stones

An article was posted to the Stanford Review Opinion section by Charlie Capps which was critical of the atheist, humanist and agnostic (AHA) community at

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Editor’s Note: A Needed Part of the Campus Discussion

In my editor’s note opening the volume, I discussed the different iterations in the Review’s history. Past volumes antagonized groups to bring concerns

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