Smoke Signals Issue 7

UP: Cardona and Wharton. The *Review *supports the winning executive slate’s 41% smaller Cabinet as a step toward cutting waste.  We hope this marks the beginning for further cost cutting in other inefficient areas of ASSU organization and programming.

**DOWN: The Review’s Executive Endorsement. **We wryly note that this is the fourth year running that the Review has endorsed losing Executive candidates (Peacock/Bakke). At least it can’t be said that we jump on the bandwagon.

DOWN: ASSU Ethics. After a year of disappointing ethics and mismanagement in the ASSU, at least three senators-elect have already seen their morals questioned.  We hope taking responsibility early will lead to a more conscientious Senate.

DOWN: Special Fee Refunds. Rates were down by about 7% this quarter. Based on the expectation that they would continue to rise rapidly, the decrease represents significant progress on the issue. Perhaps the flawed Special Fees system will survive for another year.

**SIDEWAYS: John Bravman. **We wish John Bravman the best of luck in his new endeavors at Bucknell, but his presence will be missed on the Farm.

SIDWAYS: Nuclear Nonproliferation. Props to President Obama for making real progress on the issue of highly enriched uranium, and to the countries that made substantial commitments to the goal of nuclear non-proliferation. However, in the face of Iran and North Korea, minor steps towards this goal should not be overstated.****

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