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(UP) The Stanford Review (23rd Reunion): Allow us a self-congratulatory moment, in anticipation of the Stanford Review’s 23rd reunion at the end of January. Featured speakers will include WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah and Hoover fellows Thomas Henriksen and Bill Whalen. Fiat Lux!

(UP) Stanford Basketball: Coming off a 70-59 win against UCLA, Stanford Basketball’s record is again in positive territory (8-7, 2-1 in the Pac Ten).

(SIDEWAYS) Jim Harbaugh: Will he stay or will he ago? The air is abuzz with rumors, Stanford Football had better hold its breath these next couple weeks…

(SIDEWAYS) Charter Schools: Stanford charter school researchers The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) and economist Caroline Hoxby find themselves at odds over a statistical tool used in a summer CREDO report.  With allies like that, who needs enemies?

(DOWN) Earthquakes: supposedly we’re gettin’ em – one near Milpitas and another offshore from Eureka. Still unclear whether anyone noticed…

** (DOWN) Winter Quarter: **Winter Quarter kicked off in style, as institutions like sophomore slump and the internship hunt descended on the campus. Purportedly, it was Leland Stanford Junior’s least favorite quarter as well.

(DOWN) Harry Reid: Things can’t seem to get worse for Mr. Reid, whose description of then-candidate Obama as a man “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” is drawing fire from all sides. However, still on the books is an ‘African Americans for Harry Reid’ event.

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Controversial Writer to Speak at Reunion

Joseph Farah, columnist, editor and founder of the online news and opinion site WorldNetDaily, is scheduled to speak at the* Stanford Review’s* reunion on

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