The staff of The Stanford Review is a talented, diverse group of undergraduates, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives. For more information on how to become a member of the Review staff, please click here.


Mackenzie Yaryura ’17, Editor-in-Chief

Eva Epker ’17, Executive Editor

Elliot Kaufman ’18, Managing Editor

Anna Mitchell ’19, Editor

Philip Clark ’19, Editor

Carolyn Manion ’19, Deputy Editor

Amy Shen ’18, Deputy Editor | Deputy Business Manager

Dan Trunzo ’18, Business Manager

Axel Ericsson ’18, Technological Director

Editors Emeritus

Harry Elliott ’18, Editor Emeritus

John Luttig ’17, Editor Emeritus

Brandon Camhi ’16, Editor Emeritus

Anthony Ghosn ’16, Editor Emeritus

Devon Zuegel ’16, Editor Emeritus

Danny O’Neel ’15, Editor Emeritus

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