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Welcome to The Stanford Review Blog.

The Stanford Review newspaper was founded in 1987 with the proud motto “fiat lux” – “let there be light.” The Stanford Review created a forum for thoughtful analysis in a world of multicultural polemics, inflexible ideology, and grossly distorted education values.

This weblog will continue this tradition of rational analysis by regularly offering links, commentary, photos and essays on Stanford University and related topics.

Our goal is to analyze the higher education experience that is Stanford; to evaluate the intellectual atmosphere, values, and priorities of our university.

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The Age of Blogs?

My favorite blogger, Atlantic Monthly [../../blog/] writer Andrew Sullivan, of The Daily Dish [] published a manifesto last November

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Colin Powell Visits Stanford

MARCH 2 – Early on a drizzly Monday morning, Colin Powell stopped by Stanford University’ s historic Memorial Hall to speak, joke, and pantomime about his

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