Stanford Seniors Face Tough Job Market. Who Knew?

Time Magazine has published an new article written by a current Stanford senior about the lousy job market faced by the class of 2009. The piece is not-so-subtetly titled, “Even Stanford Grads Are Hurting In The Downturn.”

The author, a senior in Phi Psi named Ari Officer, relates the harrowing adventures of a senior applying to jobs:

Well-qualified students who would normally have dozens of offers are now faced with as many rejections. One such senior majoring in economics applied to every relevant job through Stanford’s Career Development Center. After over 200 applications and some 55 in-person interviews, she was rewarded for her efforts — with only one offer.

Count her among the fortunate.

An interesting and short piece, though it drips with some of the entitlement that we’ve become accustomed to here on The Farm.

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