Stanford with bad fans?

A blog post on ESPN came out today about how people at Stanford are much more concerned about things other than football. The author of the post also says that Stanford may set a record low attendance at ESPN’s College GameDay. As a school known for both its academics and its athletics, Stanford has certain advantages and disadvantages.

It is certainly true that not everyone at Stanford has their life revolve around football. Before every game, I see students doing their reading and their problem sets before the game starts. I am not sure how many other top five teams have students that do that. Still, we are very proud of our team.

Stanford students have really taken to their football team this year. I know that because I can see it in the stands. In fact, I cannot recall so many games in a row where Stanford Stadium has been sold out. People want to come and see if we can actually do it. Quarterback Andrew Luck also puts on quite a show.

So I say, so what? We might not travel so well. I might run into some friends who ask quite simply, “Did we win?” We might not be as crazed as some other schools but we certainly care. No our lives will never revolve around football but lets make the most of this team while we have the chance to enjoy it.

Let’s show ESPN just how much we bleed Cardinal. I’m sure our players will certainly appreciate it.

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