Starting the Discussion

A new quarter, a new crop of freshmen, a new school year.  After spending three years at Stanford, you really come to love this place, and the idea of leaving somewhere you’re surrounded by so many smart, amazing people becomes a little daunting.

Stanford is our home, and anywhere you make your home, you want to talk about what’s going on.  That’s why we write at Fiat Lux.  From the activities of a student group to administration policy to general politics to a particularly new and interesting research breakthrough, Fiat Lux will give you quick commentary you might not otherwise know.  Most importantly, though, we want to contribute to the campus dialogue by adding something new.  As the blog associated with The Stanford Review, we hope to give you something to consider in a different light, but also have you engage right back and start a discussion with relevant parties from a post or just by commenting here.

We have a great team working on the blog this quarter to bring you content.  Each name links you to their e-mail, so be sure to get a hold of one of us with any comments, questions, concerns, or ideas.

Tim Ford manages the blog in my capacity as the Executive Editor of the Review.  A native of Northville, Michigan, I’m majoring in Public Policy.  At Stanford, I’m also a manager in a Row house and help out the ASSU as one of the directors of the Publications Board.  I’m most interested in writing about student groups, university politics, the ASSU, and politics generally, especially in California where I have some experience.

Alex Katz is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Economics.  Alex keeps busy as the Opinion Section Editor at the *Review *and as a member of the  Undergraduate Senate where he chairs the Administration & Rules Committee, to name a (very) few.  Alex writes a lot on economics, politics, and research at Stanford.

Otis Reid is a sophomore from Durham, North Carolina, also majoring in Public Policy.  Otis blogs here at Fiat Lux, and is also a leading editor at the Stanford Journal of International Relations and communications director for Stanford-in-Government.  Otis has written about neat policy ideas coming out of Stanford and general student life.

Zachary Warma is a junior majoring in History, from the great city of Sahn Deeyahgo (San Diego).  Zack helps us bring you the best content we can by diversifying our outreach: he’s the Managing Editor of Columns at The Stanford Daily.  Like Alex, Zack is also an Undergraduate Senator, chairing the Student Life, Housing, & Education Committee.

With that, we hope you’ll come to Fiat Lux often to check out our regularly updated content, to comment, spread the word, and really help start the discussion.  It’s going to be an exciting year.  Best of luck on this first day of classes.

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