Tebow and the Critics

Call me naive, stupid, or whatever you want, I just don’t get it plain
and simple. Why do so many people dislike Tim Tebow? A common response
I’ll hear from a lot of people usually goes along the lines of “Well,
everyone just makes him out to be God or something, like he’s perfect,
and I’m just tired of hearing it”. Okay, cool. You’re tired of people
and media pundits talking about Tebow, so why do you take it out on
HIM? To me, the guy doesn’t crave attention. To be honest, I really
find it disturbing that we as a whole are so crucial and increasingly
negative towards Tebow while attention-mongers we’ve seen over the
years such as T.O., Chad what ever his last name is nowadays, and Ron
Artest (yes I refuse to call him Metta World Peace because if one
player in professional sports demonstrates anti-peace behavior by
getting in fights often and having a short temper, it is definitely
Artest, the exact opposite of his supposed name). But alas, we
generally accept these (in my opinion) attention-mongering superstars
and their actions, but the moment Tebow does anything or an excessive
amount of coverage is surrounding him, we take it out on the guy.
Please, America, that is not only illogical, but hurtful. I’m not
trying to convert people to like Tebow. You don’t have to like the guy
(although honestly I don’t see how anyone couldn’t), but the reasons
presented popularly in social media and by amateur sports pundits are
laughable at best.

In case you haven’t figured out, I am a huge Tebow fan. Do I think
he’s the best player ever? Of course not. Is he a perfect human? Far
from it. In short, I like the guy, and I just flat out don’t see any
legitimate reason for sports fans to dislike him one bit. If you’re
upset about his image in popular media, get mad at ESPN, Sports
Illustrated, or whoever, but don’t take it out on him. He doesn’t fit
the “attention-monger” archetype to me, just a hardcore football
player who isn’t afraid to express what he truly believes in

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