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Our fellow conservative college students down at UC – San Diego have just launched a blog! The California Review, currently in its 27th year of publishing, has begun publishing regular thoughts on politics. Contributor Chris Chang is a frequent commenter on Fiat Lux.

Among their first posts is some evocative reporting about anti-Israel protests earlier this year:

On January 10, 2009, a 10,000 member protest took place at the Westwood Federal Building. Most of the crowd was comprised of pro-Palestinian supporters. Hundreds of flags and signs lined the streets in support of the Palestinian cause. Makeshift coffins draped in Palestinian flags led the march to an area near the UCLA campus and was followed by a “die-in”. During the “die-in”, the sound system produced sounds of gunfire, mortars, and bombs in hope of echoing the current situation that the Gazans are facing. Later on, while watching CNN just after the London march for Palestinian rights, a young girl was interviewed and gave her position on the conflict. She tore apart Israel and how they are acting in this crisis. I feel that she has given it an unfair representation and I feel it my job to portray Israel for what she really is: a nation that fights its enemies in order to survive.

Check out the blog for more writing from UCSD conservatives.

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