The First A Hundred Days: We’re On Track

What exactly do you want to accomplish by Thanksgiving in the proverbial 100 days? Barring that, what do you think you can accomplish in the near future?


What people or institutions do you think will be instrumental in accomplishing your goals?

Robbie: As clichéd as it may sound, I think we’re going to need everyone but we work with everyone. The ASSU, senators, Stanford offices, and the student body. Everyone.

Will: Well, actually I disagree. I think really who, at this moment, who we need on board are certain Stanford offices like OAPE and SAL. We need them not only to file paperwork and such, but also to help advise us as well and keep us instep with the University.

That said, do you think that there has been any red tape hindering you at all so far?

Robbie: Not really. As execs we basically have a direct line to who we need to speak so we’re able to get things done without worrying about redtape or anything.

Will: Yea, most of Stanford’s offices have helped us actually. It’s like iron sharpening iron.

Have there been any failings; anything you wish you would have done better?

* *Robbie: Really the only thing one could point to is the textbook exchange, but we really decided against doing that because it’s not the best use of our time and the money can go to better places.

Will: The bookstore has resources as well. There are possibilities out there [for textbooks] but you really just have to look. Actually, we’re thinking about setting something up where we publicize general discounts available to Stanford students. Like do you know Sprout on University [Avenue]? Stanford students get 10% off there.

Robbie: Yeah we even get 15% off at J. Crew.

Finally as co-terms, how do you plan to keep in touch with the undergraduate student body who you represent?

* *Robbie: I still feel like an undergraduate.

Will: Give me a break, I’m not different from “other people.” I have a BROC sib, friends in the class of 2016, Leland scholars, etc. The biggest difference is really not going to frat parties, but that’s all.

Robbie: Yeah, we just came from an undergrad experience, so I really wouldn’t say we’re out of touch. I mean, we’re not that old.

Will: Yeah I don’t know if being a co-term necessarily helps, but it doesn’t hurt and it gives you a different perspective.

Anything else you want to say?

* *Robbie: Well we have a small roll in helping elections run smoothly. We’ll be working with SIG, the dems, campus republicans. Basically, we don’t need to replicate the efforts of groups that already do good work. I think sometimes people look at the ASSU and are skeptical about what we do, but a lot of the things that we do are behind the scenes or sponsoring certain events. Like the Washington Football Game viewing party, we sponsored that but it’s not common knowledge.

Will: And I’m ok with that. I think the people who need to know day-to-day for planning purposes what we’re doing – the senate, Stanford offices, class presidents – know, and I think that’s ok. I don’t think the ASSU needs to publicize or brag about what we’ve done.

*This is part 1 in a 2 part series on the start of the ASSU, Fall 2012. In the next series after Thanksgiving we’ll be checking in on their promises and the status of their 5 key projects. *

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