Update: 4,587 Ballots Now Cast

Just over 11 hours remain in this year’s ASSU elections, and now over 4,500 ballots have been cast. According to last year’s vote totals, that means that about 82% of the vote has now come in.

Based on those numbers, a few quick conjectures:

  • Voting will probably not be up substantially this year. For slates relying on large voter turnout, such as Peacock/Bakke (who will need a very substantial grad turnout to take the Exec race), this is not good news.
  • However, we should note that this total does not include paper ballots. We have received no indication of how large that total will be, so projections could be totally off.
  • If paper vote totals are not high, then voting may actually be slightly down this year (with voting dropping off extremely quickly, an additional 1000+ votes may be beyond reach). Based on casual observation of voting tables, paper voting did not seem particularly popular. Did anyone have different observations?

Also interesting is a graph that EC Slack included that showed patterns of voting. Slack’s comment summed it up:

Apparently Stanford students do sleep!

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