Vice Provost Greg Boardman Resigns

Vice Provost Greg Boardman Resigns

This afternoon, Greg Boardman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, announced he would be stepping down from his position and retiring effective September.

The announcement — sent to Student Affairs affiliates earlier today and confirmed by several sources to the Review — marks the end of Boardman’s long and distinguished Stanford career. Over his 11 years at VPSA, Boardman oversaw substantial reforms to mental health policy, culminating in increased funding to Counseling and Psychological Services amongst other organizations. He also oversaw the controversial suspension and reform of Full Moon on the Quad and the Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band.

More generally, as head of over twenty different Stanford offices, Boardman has been a central component of essentially every administrative action in the last decade. His decision to resign draws questions at a time when VPSA faces criticism for Stanford’s mishandling of Title IX cases, firing of a legal advocate for sexual assault survivors, and reversal of their decision to suspend Band.

Boardman’s replacement is as yet unconfirmed.

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