Vol. XLIV, Issue 3 of The Stanford Review

Another issue of The Stanford Review. Let’s have a look.

Former ASSU Senate Chair Eutiqio Chapa spent ASSU funds on a shirt. He wrote an apology for the transgression.

Stanford Law School keeps JAG off campus over Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Sylvie profiles former William F. Buckley, Jr. confidante Anthony Dick.

Andrea Freund blasts the SHPRC for failing to educate students.

Special fees refund rates increase, and Charlie Capps says this is a good thing.

Marissa Miller worries that male insecurity is going to make things difficult on the marriage front for smart women.

President Hennessey testifies before a few members of Congress on exports.

All this and much much more on newsstands now.

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Records Reveal Illicit Spending

In a further blow to ASSU credibility, the Review has learned that the 2008-09 Senate credit card was revoked after a failure to provide documentation

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Response to Daily Y2E2 Op-Ed

In Wednesday’s Stanford Daily, Heather Benz, a senior at Stanford, wrote an op-ed [http://www.stanforddaily.com/2010/02/03/the-truth-about-y2e2/] criticizing a news

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