What Better Food for Thought Than a Car Chase?

Hopefully this generates a little discussion.

When I did Stanford-in-Washington, my friend Jessie was the only other person in the program who self-identified as a Republican.  One of the wonderful few remaining Republicans from New England, she presented me with this metaphor when we were walking home from class the other day:

Being a Republican today is like driving, when all of a sudden your car gets stopped, someone opens the door, throws you out of it, and hijacks it.  After it happens, you go home and turn on the TV, when you see that every news station is covering your car in a high-speed chase.  Because it’s your car, everyone thinks you’re the one inside it and blames you for causing the chase.  But you’re stuck at home, helpless, and unable to do anything about the situation.

Do any of you feel this way?  Do you think there’s a sort of “silent majority” among Republicans that haven’t been happy with the direction of the party but also haven’t felt represented enough to do anything about it?  Who’s the hijacker?  Was it the Bush Administration, Rush Limbaugh, Christian conservatives, moral relativists, big government spenders?

Just curious.  Post away!

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