White Plaza Watch: Stanford (Re)united

On Friday from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Stanford students signed a banner to show that they stand against religious intolerance. The event was put on by FAITH (Faiths Acting in Togetherness and Hope), a Stanford student organization started by two of last year’s seniors. According to Irteza Binte-Farid ’13, FAITH is for “whoever wants to be involved in issues of talking about religion or understanding more about it.”

“We’re doing this show of support right now because recently there have been those issues in Orange County,” said Irteza regarding an incident on February 13 where a protest interrupted a Muslim event held at a community center in Yorba Linda, California. Protesters shouting religiously intolerant slurs disrupted Muslim citizens having a dinner about women’s issues.

“We wanted to take a stand against it regardless of whatever religion or stance you come from. We think it’s universal that nobody tolerates religious intolerance,” she added.

The event was also put on as a continuation of the solidarity expressed when Westboro Baptist Church came to Stanford last Spring. Irteza said, “It’s an ongoing dialogue, is how [FAITH] see[s] it.”

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