XOX Launches "Anti-Theft" Campaign

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Chi Theta Chi is arguably Stanford's most unique form of housing.
If you’ve been to Chi Theta Chi (or “XOX,” as it is more commonly known), you’ve probably been able to walk in easily and roam around without anyone raising an eyebrow at you. In fact, I doubt you would face much opposition if you picked up one of the lonely pool cues in the corner and walked off with it. So what’s this “Anti-Theft” business? Well, earlier this week the [University announced](http://www.stanforddaily.com/2012/05/03/university-confirms-end-of-xox-lease/) that XOX would be under review for two years, during which time it’s lease will be discontinued (with the possibility of a renewed lease if the XOX alumni board and residents prove themselves capable of handling their own management).

In response, XOX is going full-on against the University, calling this a theft of a near century-old tradition of autonomy. From organizing a campus-wide coalition meeting, to a vigil in front of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs’ office (scheduled for May 14, 9:30 am), residents are doing their utmost to keep their house. Earlier in the year, the Review published a more detailed report on the initial proceedings of the University takeover.

While Stanford has offered to observe XOX’s behavior for the next two years, residents and alumni argue that unwanted changes are already being advanced. For example, the University has attempted to cut down on the number of staff members in XOX, a structure which, according to residents, is crucial to the community’s unique management.

Furthermore, the University will have significant to complete control over the finances of the house, which is in direct conflict with its previous system of having a board of trustees supervising financial management through a student liaison.

These are among many changes about which XOX residents are complaining. Should you wish to join their cause, or casually observe the blinding display of color that is any XOX rally, you will find them outside the Vice Provost’s office on the morning of May 14.

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