2-28-2010 The Weekend in Review

Chemical Fire Results in Evacuation (Photo Credit: Victoria Flores / The Stanford Review)
Bing Overseas program [reports](http://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/march/chile-earthquake-folo-030110.html) that students are faculty on the Bing Santiago overseas program are safe and healthy after this weekend’s horrific earthquake in Chile. One student may have broken bones but appears to be doing well now.

There was a chemical fire in the Paul G. Allen building, resulting in evacuation.

Gatorade drops Tiger. “It” no longer to be “in you.”

Kidding! “You’re so Vain”**is NOT about David Geffen. Carly Simon continues to leave us in suspense! Gosh darn her!

Obama: a picture of health, despite runner’s pain in his left knee and a nagging smoking habit.

Jonathan Rauch argues that the current GOP lacks coherence, and that a (non-racist!) George Wallace figure (i.e. Sarah Palin) could capitalize.

Sting is coming under some criticism for performing for brutal Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov’s daughter.

Mark Bauerlein bags on footnotes here, and calls being a part-time job.

Robert VerBruggen wonders why campus agencies have authority in dealing with rape cases.

Reihan Salam pours a cooler full of haterade on Charlie Crist.

Ramesh Ponnuru does not think a college education is worth it.

Fred Schwarz flags an interesting quotation from Thurgood Marshall in the Brown v. Board decision.

They know where you are.

Canada defeats the USA in the gold medal sudden-death overtime hockey game to close out the 2010 Winter Olympics. Andy Samberg look-alike Sidney Crosby scores the winning goal.

The closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics featured performances by the “best” of Canadian music: Avril Lavigne (“she gave the crowd a demure “merci beaucoup” upon leaving the stage“), Alanis Morissette is performing the song “Wunderkind,” and Simple Plan. See you in Sochi for performances by T.A.T.U?

Chuck Klosterman thinks ironic exclamation points are stupid. Choire Sicha goes Biblical.

Really? Really?!?!?!?

Andrew Brown issues a challenge for atheists and believers alike.

Kevin Drum relays an informative Henry Kissinger / Daniel Ellsberg story.

And you thought our rules were strict. BYU’s rules and regulations on that most controversial topic: facial hair.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit Chile in the days after the earthquake.

David Paterson will not seek (re?)election to the governorship of New York.

Also out, White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers.

Ron Rosenbaum ruminates on the brilliant soap opera that is the New York Post.

Ezra Klein draws a distinction between ideology and partisanship.


The New Yorker profiles Mr. and Mrs. Paul Krugman.

Feel The Excitement

C-SPAN’s happiest of days (besides this one)! On February 27, 1986, the US Senate allows television cameras in on a trial-basis.

William F. Buckley, Jr. passed away on February 27, 2008.

What a day for Nobel Prize winners! Linus Pauling, Steven Chu, and Paul Krugman born on February 28 in 1901, 1948, and 1953 respectively.

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