4-14-2010 The Day in Review

John Paul Stevens
Stuart Taylor [explains](http://ninthjustice.nationaljournal.com/2010/04/how-republican-justices-evolve.php) why Republican judges move left.

Jonah Lehrer comments on the ways classrooms restrict creativity.

The Economist analyzes the effects of mass incarceration on black dating.

Former Irish President Mary Robinson spoke at Stanford.

Prtizker family gifts $10 million to Stanford. Thanks guys!

Ninth time is the charm! Larry King gets divorced for the eight time.

Maternal deaths are down.

Megan McArdle believes freeloaders are killing the entertainment industry.

Microloans no longer are just for the little guys.

Waiting lists remain terrible.

Graeme Wood profiles a former Afghan cosmonaut.

Michael Kinsley chastises journalists for their arrogance.

Janelle Weaver finds children who have a disease that keeps them from holding racial prejudice.


Brian Doherty dives into the frontlines of Los Angeles’ drug wars.


In 1828 Noah Webster copyrighted the first edition of his dictionary.

I’ll bet you anything “Charile Hustle” himself, Pete Rose was born in 1941.

Rachel Carson’s spring went silent forever more in 1964.

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