Eric Cantor Speaks at Hoover Institution

[![]( "Cantor (Medill DC)")](
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor visited Stanford on Monday. (Photo Credit: Medill DC/Flickr)
On Monday, March 21, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke to the Hoover Institution. He [pushed]( for a lowering of the corporate tax rate to a level of about 25%. He also spoke about other economic and free market issues.

Because Cantor visited over Spring Break, there were few students on campus to protest his visit (as far as I’ve heard), which is what occurred at Harvard University a few weeks ago.

Students protest Cantor and other Republicans around the country largely because of H.R. 1, the House’s government funding bill for the rest of this fiscal year. The bill contains many unpopular cuts that have drawn the ire of students, specifically cuts to the Americorp program.

The bill is currently in the senate for review.

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