Exec Fellows Program Renewed

The website for the Executive Fellows program has been launched, with blurbs up for most of the Cabinet members already. The program is under the title of “Leadership Development” and aims to:

…offer students the opportunity to engage with diverse University needs while employing and developing critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork skills. Fellows will work directly with a cabinet member and his or her team, as well as with other fellows and cabinet members in an effort to preserve a unified effort within the cabinet.

In addition, there will be an emphasis on linking the Senate and the Executive more closely, so the Executive Fellows Program will have “a focus on fostering Fellows’ understanding of the ASSU as an organization which joins and involves both the Senate and the Executive.” In any case, the applications will go live in September when freshmen arrive on campus, so they should keep their eyes out for this opportunity. I remember not hearing about either this program or the Senate Fellows program until well into the year; hopefully, this year the outreach will reach everyone (and given the goal of the Chair of Outreach, Elise Geithner, to reach out to freshmen, hopefully that will work out).

Stanford has a few generous souls, it seems.
Random sidebar: the Partners in Health Haiti donation thermometer says that 64 people have donated $23,241 through it. That’s an average gift of over $360; very impressive, Stanford. (I’d guess that there are probably a bunch of $50 or less ones in there too, so someone gave big.)

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