In a Time of War


![Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner star in The Hurt Locker]( "Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner star in The Hurt Locker")
Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner star in The Hurt Locker
Oscar season and *The Hurt Locker*‘s nomination for Best Picture has brought the Iraq war back to forefront of conversation. The war is a far-away phenomenon, sometimes begging for and winning very deserved national attention, but more often existing on a strange plane that seems to neither involve nor concern (whether this is true or not) very many of us, and thus evaporates into the grander sphere of our unconsciousness. Sometimes a rush of movies, books, or events will bring it back to the front of our minds and serve as a reminder of what we know is going on, and what we clearly do not.

Since this film has brought the topic back to us, here is some recent commentary on both The Hurt Locker, as well as a few recent articles on the different aspects of the conflict.

Feel free to add your own finds, or thoughts, to the comments if you are so inclined.

Movie Critic A.O. Scott callsThe Hurt Locker essentially apolitical.

Two Iraq veterans give their response to the film: here and here.

Iraq vet accused of waterboarding daughter.

An emerging group of new and different soldier-writers.

The G.I. Bill, and adjusting to college after the war.

Tony Blair says he has no regrets about going to war.

NRO’s Mike Potemra gives The Hurt Locker two thumbs up.

On January 1st The Corner wrote happily that there were zero American combat casualties in Iraq the previous month. This website keeps track of all casualties.

The importance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, according to the US Army.

A graduating class of Marines.

Candidate banning in Iraqi elections.

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