In Defense of Moonbeans

The gossip is that Stanford is refusing to renew Moonbeans’ lease, and the beloved coffee shop will have to shut down in six weeks.  If true, this is a sorrowful development for the Stanford community.

Moonbeans, the gossip continues, would be replaced by Coupa Cafe, a perfectly fine institution in its own right from my experiences at their Palo Alto location, but not an institution that has served the heart of the Stanford community for eleven years.  Tradition and localism matter.  Perhaps Stanford did not learn from the experience when a huge groundswell rose up to defend the CoHo when it too fell under threat not too long ago, but I suspect that when it comes to traditional fixtures and localism, Stanford students are conservative, and the University will be getting an earful soon enough, as it should.  This is a place I would like to still be here when I come back for our thirtieth year class reunion.

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